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Deb & Jody,

April and I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job that you did with our German Shepherd, Petra.  Petra joined our family when she was 8 months old and was very friendly with everyone.  Unfortunately, she developed an increasingly aggressive behavior towards strangers in our home over the next year.  It caused our family a great deal of stress as we could not keep Petra under control when we had guests over to the house.  She would bark aggressively, lunge at people, and try to bite them if they got too close.   Interestingly we had no problem with her when only the family was home.  She is a sweet, gentle, and playful dog with us including our two kids (ages 12 and 16).  We had no idea what was really driving this behavior towards others and had no idea how to fix the issue.

We brought her to an obedience school to help her socialize, but this training had little impact.  We found a trainer, but she had limited success with Petra and could not help her (or us) over the long term. The trainer strongly recommended your services so we contacted you.    Your training was worth every penny!

Petra’s training with you lasted ten days and also included a follow up visit to our home after she returned.  Petra only spent a short time with you, but what a difference that time made!  Not only were you able to diagnose the issue (fear aggression), but Petra's behavior was very much improved when she returned home.  We were amazed at how responsive she was when we saw her for the first time after those ten days with you.  Also, you helped not only in training Petra, but to teach us how to handle her – the follow up home visit was so helpful with that.  We now better understand Petra's limitations, and we now have much more control of her, all thanks to you. 

 We can again have guests over to the house without worrying. Even our neighbors have commented on how well behaved she is when we walk with her around the neighborhood!

 Thank you!
Rich and April Mays


Dear Deb,

Through you I have learned the key to successful dog training. The key is to find someone who posses the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make for a truly experienced dog trainer. Someone who believes how  important  it is to form a solid relationship with a dog as well as someone who exercises in brain based not pain based training. One only needs to spend a little time visiting some clubs out there or researching via the internet to quickly learn there are a lot of people who claim to be dog trainers but truly lack the experience or base their knowledge on poorly acquired experience which in and of itself could make for a very dangerous scenario.

I always felt Dooley was special and after meeting you, I knew  you were special as well. Sending Dooley away to be trained was something I thought I could never do. However, you took the time to become more than  just a fair leader. You took the extra time to bond with Dooley and became someone who Dooley trusts and loves very much.  Every time I came to watch Dooley work, I could see his passion for training  intensify. Your experience, techniques, and attention to detail have far exceeded my expectations, which from the start were extremely high. You have arrived Dooley to a heightened state of awareness and have brought him to a level of excellence that will help him achieve amazing outcomes should that be what his future holds and is the direction I choose to take him in.

Thank you for embracing Dooley's spirit and not breaking it. Thank you for making Dooley the best he could possible be. Thank you for loving, treating, and caring for the Dools as if he were your own. During Dooley's time spent with you, I may have missed him but I never worried about him. And for me, that's priceless.

I enjoyed sharing in Dooley's journey with you and I got to make a great friend along the way. I am very much looking forward to continuing Dooley's training with you.

Your friends,
Kim Batte & Dooley Vom Stulzenfurst IPO I, BST, CGC


Thank you Jody and Debbie for taking such great care of my boy Nick while I was at the National Dog show.
This was my first experience boarding Nick and leaving him for such a long time, but you saw that he was well taken care of. The text message picture that Jody sent me of him snuggled up on his bed for bedtime and playing with his Kong, was the best! It came just at the right time when I was missing him and wondering how he was doing. It was such a pleasant surprise and I was delighted to know he settled in so nicely. Then to hear about how he had a great time playing, and that he liked to retrieve his toys but didn't seem to know to actually bring them back and give them up for another throw <smile, I could picture that>, well, we'll work on that. I know that Nick enjoyed his vacation as much as I enjoyed mine. Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you Debbie for helping me with Nick! I am very pleased with the training sessions and I can see the difference it has made in Nick at home. He is more content and he gives me more regard than just being the nagging weight on the other end of the leash. I enjoy the training sessions and they are not like any other I have attended. So much more is accomplished with your sessions and I feel that I am learning with my dog not just learning how to tell him what to do and how to make him do it. You take the time to incorporate trainining, behavior and fun and I appreciate that so very much!
Charlene B. and Nick


Dear Debbie and Jody,

Thank you  for taking care of my girl, Mona. You have the knowledge and take the extra time to make sure she is safe,happy and well cared for. From the way she acts when she see's you, very excited and happy, It makes it less stressful for me to leave her. You keep her so busy I don't think she misses me : (.  I also really appreciate how clean your boarding facility is. I am very fussy when it comes to my dog and I would not leave her anywhere else.

Thank you so much.
Karen and Mona


Ella got her Utility Title!!  We really did it - my first dog and she just turned 4 too.  You helped me so much with teaching me and explaining to me about Ella's lack of drive, etc. and showing me how to get her engaged and "up".    I so wish you were closer as I love listening and watching you.  You won't believe we're even playing TUG - Ella really surprised me with that!!
Also working on our second title in Agility!!
Smokey is doing good too - I'm working w/him on all the things you showed me at last session and getting him into playing Tug too. 
Looking forward to seeing you this Winter.

 Regards, Bonnie


Debbie is Awesome! We have worked with numerous trainers in the past 20 years in the Dallas Ft.Worth area and in Rochester NY and we have never seen such positive results.  I still don’t know how she transformed our completely out-of-hand Bull Terrier puppy into a loving family pet; almost overnight!  Recently, our beagle mix was extremely aggressive toward our new dog and Debbie had  them friendly in less than 30 minutes!!  Debbie uses lots of positive reinforcement and our dogs love her!  Debbie gets my unconditional recommendation!!! 

Howard G. Van Bortel


Proformance K9's was the ANSWER for us!!!

Moriah is our long hair GSD with a bloodline that includes Slovakian and former East German border patrol dogs. We brought her home at 8 weeks old  and now she is  1 year old.  She has always been active as a puppy, loving to take long walks with my wife and me or to chase and retrieve a ball or to splash and swim in lakes. Moriah went through two schools of puppy kindergarten classes, and during that time she exhibited such fear behavior as barking aggressively at certain dogs and certain people and certain objects or people in motion (i.e. bicycles, horses, joggers, cars passing by, cows, and objects she was seeing for the first time: a guitar, a shovel, a see-saw, etc.)

Moriah was nearly uncontrollable on-leash when, during our walks, we met bicyclists approaching or overtaking us, or people walking a dog.  Her fear behavior made her bark, pull on the leash hackles up, and bare her teeth at bikes, people, dogs, and horses.  We could hardly control her, and her behaviors made walking with her very difficult.  And usually, other people also hated to meet us on a walking trail when Moriah was with us. 

We were at our wits’ end when someone told us about Proformance K-9 and Deb Zappia, in Marion, NY – they said that Deb has kennels and training classes, and that she also offers a special two-week intensive board-train service for difficult or problem dogs.  So we called her to talk and planned a meeting time.  We decided to take advantage of the special 2-week board & training time – in Moriah’s case, it was more like 3 weeks.  Deb worked with Moriah using a special low-intensity electronic collar to help train her to become a better adjusted and more responsive dog.  She and Jodie are both gifted and masterful trainers.  She sent us a personalized video with Moriah showing how the training was going in mid-stream. It showed Moriah keeping the “Stay” position in a large open training room, in spite of noise, sudden distractions, or even other people moving towards her or trying to get her to break her “Stay.”  She was a different dog already!  When we picked Moriah up after the 2 or 3 weeks, we were amazed at the difference in her behavior and her responsiveness to us.  Deb also taught us how to be more in control with Moriah – in a firm and compassionate way – so that Moriah could relax more whenever she is out in public with us and enjoy being the great dog she is. 

Deb and Jodie – both extremely gifted dog trainers and handlers – have also visited us at our home (as a follow-up to the training) and gone out with us and Moriah to take a long walk.  This was after the Board-Training time and proved to be a refresher training event for dog and people. 

The other great thing about Proformance K-9 is that it’s a wonderful kennel for days we had to travel when we couldn’t take Moriah with us.  Deb and Jodie love animals and really care for the animals boarded there.  It’s a very clean kennel with great food, water, room to run and exercise, and times for training, should we also choose that.  Deb works very hard to understand from dog owners exactly what difficulties you might be having, or what advanced training you may need for your dog, and then she addresses specifically those things when she works with your dog.  Her kennel was about a 50-minute drive from Rush, NY, where we used to live, but we would drive past many kennels along the way to take our dog there to board.  It meant that much to us, and Moriah seemed always happy and thriving there, and healthy when we came for her.

Moriah was really a changed dog as a result of the three or four times she spent with Deb.  And the biggest change came after the initial 2-week Board-Train investment.  Much of her fear behavior is now either gone or under control.  She always obeys our recall.  She still alerts us (barks) if a car has just driven up in our driveway, or if a stranger is at the door, but when we thank her and say “Enough!” she knows she has done her job.  Thanks to Proformance K-9 and Deb Zappia, we have a happier, more contented dog, who is strong but who seems pleased to be under better control.  We still work with Moriah – it’s not that Deb works magic and then gives you back your dog and you’ll never have anything to further address – but things actually did change from night to day with Moriah, and now we have enough understanding and training ourselves to continue this good work with our dog. Therefore, whether you need some professional intervention for yourself and your dog, or you’re looking for a great place to board your dog for a day, a weekend, or a week or two, my wife and I …and Moriah… wholeheartedly recommend Proformance K-9 as a great place, and Deb Zappia as a person with whom you will definitely want to consult.

Jim Pitts


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